Chances are that you’ve seen some kind of home or commercial building whiles being built and have noticed steel framing increasingly replacing the more traditional wood framing. Steel roof frames have a whole host of benefits that are making them a popular choice among builders and buyers. Here at Arc Attack Fabrication, we can help you determine if steel is the right choice for you.

Here are the main benefits you can expect to see.

It’s Long Lasting

Steel lasts for much longer than other kinds of roofing materials, making it a great choice for home and other buildings. That’s because it’s lightweight, but strong, which means it will last for many years and can also resist fire and pest damage.

It doesn’t warp, shrink or twist so your home’s integrity will never be compromised. That means a home that will stay standing through many generations. 

Fast and Easy to Use

When you’re involved in a building project, you want to stick to a timeline and get the job done on time. Fortunately, steel can help since it’s easy to work with and won’t slow down your project. Since steel is so lightweight, it’s easy to move and easy to work with, which speeds the building without compromising the finished product, something that’s pretty important when it comes to building homes and commercial structures. 

Resists Damage

With traditional roof framing, you have many concerns to consider that are completely eliminated when you choose steel instead. Steel offers longevity you don’t get with wood and other materials and is resistant to rust, rot, moisture, fire, pest damage and shrinkage.

That means you can rely on it to stay standing even during extreme weather and natural disasters. It’s not indestructible but does offer a higher degree of peace of mind than more traditional roofing materials. 

Protects Against the Elements

As mentioned above, steel roofing is resistant to rust, which makes it a great choice for protecting your home from the damage that wind, rain and other moisture can cause as time goes by. Steel is often coated with a protectant material that wards off rust and the damage that it can cause, which means your roof will last longer and stay in good shape, even in extreme weather by keeping corrosion at bay. 

Do you want to know more about all of the great reasons to choose steel for your roof frames, call the experts at Arc Attack Fabrication today to get started.

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