Sustainability is an important concern for many in the construction industry today. Not only do clients expect it as part of the job, but there are also government and state restrictions on Australian builders which means that it is important to only make use of the most sustainable material. If you are wondering whether your steel supply is the best choice for a material that has sustainable values, then Arc Attack Fabrication can explain why steel has such an important role to play in environmentally friendly builds. 


Is steel sustainable?

Your first concern should always be with the steel that you are using. Steel is a product which is made from smelting natural material. For some, this would mean that it is much less sustainable than wood, for example. However, the truth is that a great deal of wood waste is discarded into landfills, where it releases harmful greenhouse gases including methane. There are several advantages of using steel as an alternative to wood or plastic options. 


Steel makers have improved their emissions

Over the few decades, steel manufacturers in Australia have worked hard to reduce the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in their production. There has been a marked reduction in the amount of energy used as well, dropping by almost a third and helping to produce a cleaner steel with reduced carbon emissions. Arc Attack Fabrication uses this steel in its productions. 


Steel lasts for longer

Unlike wood, plastic or concrete, steel is a material that lasts for many decades, so once it is in position, it will not create any chemicals while degrading. It is also more resistant to destruction during natural disasters such as bushfires, this means that it will not contribute to the dangerous clean-up after a fire and could even help to reduce the risk by remaining stable and strong. 


Steel can be recycled

One of the best reasons to choose steel for your sustainable project is that it is easy to recycle. In fact, some mills will only use old scrap to create brand new steel. Even the waste it creates can be reused to make sure that nothing goes to waste. 


Talk to us about steel products

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