When you need specialist metal fabrication in Coffs Harbour, you need to find a team who can work with you to give you the best results for your project. Not everyone is able to finish fabrication projects on their own, and that is why many companies choose metal making experts like Arc Attack Fabrications.

To understand why you need our services, we can explain to you the benefits of having a professional team construct metal products for you.

Fabrication is a complex process

Fabrication is not just a simple matter of taking some metal and bending it until you have the finished product. In many cases, fabrication takes several steps, all of which have to be completed simultaneously in order to be efficient. Most of our clients have projects which require multiple different types of fabrication and components in order to come together as one. Being able to do this at the same time requires a professional fabrication service.

Get the best materials

If you want to make sure that your metal fabrication is to a high standard, then you need to start the process with high quality metals. At Arc Attack Fabrications we know how to obtain high quality materials that will make your project much more attractive.

The best tools

We are professional fabricators, and that means that we have a lot of high-quality equipment that produces fantastic metal fabrication pieces. We can operate faster and more accurately with these materials than if we were attempting to work using a single welder or metal punch.

Experience and knowledge

When you come to Arc Attack Fabrications, you will be getting a team who are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in handling metal and performing fabrications. We can assist you with getting the best out of your project and will produce high quality metal products.


If you want to ensure that you get the very best from your metal fabricators, then you absolutely have to choose a professional team that can work to a deadline and provide high quality completed products according to your specifications.

Talk to us today

When you need help with metal fabrication in Coffs Harbour, then speak to Arc Attack Fabrications today. We have the knowledge and ability to make the metal products that you require to a high standard, so talk to us now through our online enquiry form or call us on 02-6654-2188 now.